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  • Homeowners With Solar – Long Term Questions

    Homeowners With Solar – Long Term Questions

    One of the main goals we have here at ASG is to educate our clients as well as anyone else who may be interested in learning more about solar energy. Homeowners with solar have long term questions that need to be answered, and it makes sense when you’re starting to think about what investing in solar might look like for you and your family. We have broken down some of the most frequently asked questions we get from homeowners with solar. Return on Investment This is absolutely the #1 question we get asked first by homeowners with solar. Long term

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  • Can Solar Energy Reduce National Inflation?

    Can Solar Energy Reduce National Inflation?

    Whenever the national economy is not doing as well as it could; it impacts all of us in different ways. At ASG we are poised to ask ourselves, “Can Solar Energy Reduce National Inflation”? Every financial decision we make as consumers has an impact, and our energy choices are no different. Read on for more information about how solar might be the right choice for you! How Energy Consumption Impacts Inflation Each market and industry both impacts and is impacted by fluctuations our national economic system. If the cost of fuel is on the rise, as we had seen the

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  • Giving Back With ASG EcO2

    Giving Back With ASG EcO2

    At ASG, we are more than just solar panels and roofing. We also care a great deal about the environment and about giving back to our ecological communities. Read on to see how you can learn more about giving back with ASG EcO2! What is ASG EcO2? ASG EcO2 is what we call the part of our company that is dedicated to restoring forests and trees. Sometimes when a homeowner installs solar, it is in their best interest to remove a tree that may be hanging over or covering their roof. The reason being, is that shaded areas are less

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  • Go Green For The New Year

    Go Green For The New Year

    About this time of year, folks are settling in for the tidal wave of holidays that seem to come at us so rapidly. We invite you to take some time to reflect back on this past year and imagine how things would have been different for you if you’d opted for solar earlier on. The good news is, you can always resolve to go green for the new year, and with ASG, making that positive change in your life has never been easier. What if Everyone Chose Solar? Everyone will not choose to go solar. For some folks in certain

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  • Solar for RV’s and #VanLife

    Solar for RV’s and #VanLife

    Here at ASG we are happy to provide information however we are able to do so. We understand that many folks are opting for a nomadic, adventurous lifestyle for many reasons such as environmental concerns, the desire to experience new things, and also personal financial considerations. Luckily, getting solar for RV’s (and #vanlife) is not difficult and can provide a great solution for those seeking to explore our country’s wide open spaces. Full-time #Vanlife is an Ecofriendly Option You may be asking yourself, what do we mean when we are talking about #VanLife or #RVLife ? These popular hashtags can

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  • Solar Education for Children; A Brighter Tomorrow

    Solar Education for Children; A Brighter Tomorrow

    At ASG we understand the importance of educating future generations about solar power and how it works. While all learning is important, getting our children started off on the right path is essential to good decision making, empathy for others, and building confidence. They say the “children are our future”, and how our futures look will depend on what we do now in this moment to educate them on the importance of caring for the environment. Light The Spark Sometimes it’s difficult to get a child interested in something new, as any parent will attest to. If you are a

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  • The Benefits of Going Solar

    The Benefits of Going Solar

    At ASG we are often asked “What are the benefits of going solar?” or “What’s in it for me to do so apart from saving big?” It makes complete sense to know why you should invest in something, and want to have your questions answered. These are fundamental questions, that of course, we have answers to. If you’re new to solar energy or solar panels as a concept, it is our goal to provide something of a miniature crash course on the main reasons folks opt to go in for solar. Providing Clean Sustainable Energy Ask anyone what their #1

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