Homeowners With Solar – Long Term Questions

One of the main goals we have here at ASG is to educate our clients as well as anyone else who may be interested in learning more about solar energy. Homeowners with solar have long term questions that need to be answered, and it makes sense when you’re starting to think about what investing in solar might look like for you and your family. We have broken down some of the most frequently asked questions we get from homeowners with solar.

Return on Investment

This is absolutely the #1 question we get asked first by homeowners with solar. Long term is the keyword that you want to bear in mind when thinking about your return on investment. How long until you see your system pay for itself? That depends on what the specific parameters of your system, your home size, and what your energy consumption looks like. Another factor to consider now is the difference between folks that choose to buy their system outright or people who make the choice to lease the system. Typically when averaged together across all fronts, it will be about 5-7 years before you see the system pay for itself in what you save. This is of course an average as previously stated and will not look the same for every home. Smaller homes might see a faster ROI, while larger more expansive homes with bigger systems might see it take a little bit longer. However, solar panels are one of the few types things you can buy that will make you money and that actually pays for itself. Many industries boast that such-and-such product pays for itself, but solar actually does do that. In addition to a fairly reasonable ROI, most homeowners with solar end up saving about 60% within their first billing cycle.

What if I Sell My Home?

It is always great to put down roots and establish a long term family home. However, many homeowners with solar have questions about what that means if they have to sell their home and move to another location. Life happens! At ASG, we understand that. There are a few factors to consider when selling your home. Depending on where you live, this could potentially raise the value of your home, as most first time home buyers are of the eco-minded generation and see solar panels and self-sustainability as a “must-have”. However, because not everyone is excited about the way solar panels look, it may be a deterrent to some. Considering this is a sellers market though, there is no question that homeowners with solar can get more for their home if they have an installed solar system! It’s a no-brainer, all one must do is consider how a buyer might view your home. With closing costs, any renovations that might be needed, and other real estate agent fees – the idea of a first time home buyer getting a chance to save money on any aspect of the purchasing process will look like an absolute cherry on top!

Sell Home with Solar

Environmental Impacts

We already know that having solar benefits the environment in a positive way, both long and short term. Homeowners with solar might want to know how their panels are impacting their carbon footprint. From an article published by Columbia Climate School, “According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, utility-scale solar power produces between 394 and 447 MWh per acre per year. Thus, an acre of solar panels producing zero-emissions electricity saves between 267,526 to 303,513 pounds, or 121 to 138 metric tons, of carbon dioxide per year.” Source here. While your roof is likely not going to be a full acre of solar panels given the average home size, you can scale this down to get your precise number!

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