Go Green For The New Year

About this time of year, folks are settling in for the tidal wave of holidays that seem to come at us so rapidly. We invite you to take some time to reflect back on this past year and imagine how things would have been different for you if you’d opted for solar earlier on. The good news is, you can always resolve to go green for the new year, and with ASG, making that positive change in your life has never been easier.

What if Everyone Chose Solar?

Everyone will not choose to go solar. For some folks in certain areas, it is not the right choice. However, everyone can go green for the new year by choosing renewable energy. Renewable energy is not just solar panels. There are also wind turbines and other energy solutions. For now, we’ll focus on answering this question from a solar perspective, because that is what we know best! If in theory, everyone went solar, we’d immediately see a greater reduction in breathing related illnesses(source: here) as our air became cleaner. What’s more, our plant life and agriculture would also see a benefit long term. If everyone went solar, or fully renewable, we would scarcely have need for the factories and power plants that burn fossil fuels. We would be able to either repurpose that land for other things such as solar farming or an area full of wind turbines.

Go Green For The New Year

Global Environmental Impacts

In addition to the health benefits for people that we mentioned above, we would also see positive changes in our global environment if everyone were to go green for the new year. Corals that are now being damaged from pollutant runoff(source: here) would have a chance to replenish themselves if they were no longer bombarded with unnatural chemicals. This would bring a great benefit to the oceanic ecosystems that once flourished in our planet’s coral reefs. Forests which are currently unable to keep up with the filtering needed to clean all of the present pollution out of the air now would finally have a chance to catch up if we stopped contributing to it. Pollution in some forms would still exist as factories would still exist, but much of what is causing harmful effects to our environment is caused by the burning of fossil fuels(source: here).

Creating a Sustainable Future for our Families

If more people opted to go green for the new year, we could set a precedent for future generations to follow and benefit from. There is an old Greek proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” Should we plant more trees? Absolutely. Can we do more to make sure our children grow up on the best planet possible by sowing the seeds of positive environmental action? Yes! We cannot individually stop global warming or turn the tides of the impact that the industrial revolution has had on our globe, but if each of us works together and does our part, that effort will accumulate and yield some very positive outcomes!

Go Green For The New Year

Progress Not Perfection

Listen, the fact remains that while the use of renewable energies such as solar are on the rise for many residential consumers, we still have a long way to go. All you can do is all you can do to go green for the new year. You can opt for solar, you can try to reduce your use of plastics in the home, and anything else you can think of that may benefit the environment. What would really help though is if you would be kind and spread the message of what you’ve read here today, so that more people are aware of the issues we as a community face, and are emboldened to take action.

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