Solar Education for Children; A Brighter Tomorrow

At ASG we understand the importance of educating future generations about solar power and how it works. While all learning is important, getting our children started off on the right path is essential to good decision making, empathy for others, and building confidence. They say the “children are our future”, and how our futures look will depend on what we do now in this moment to educate them on the importance of caring for the environment.

Light The Spark

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a child interested in something new, as any parent will attest to. If you are a family that has a solar panel system, or will soon have one installed, you could bring that up and prepare yourself to answer the many “Why?”s that will follow. Getting the young ones interest in this specific thing is probably easier than persuading them to eat their vegetables, as there are so many different things to talk about with solar power and clean energy! You might talk about how plants grow, or how the machinery works, or about the sun in general. If your child is a little bit older, you may talk about potential career paths they might take if they do show an aptitude for science and technology. Having the conversation about renewable energy doesn’t only mean they will grow up to have a career in solar; this may lead to an interest in astronomy or physics, machinery in general(or other careers involving logical decision making), inventing, environmentalism, or other technologies that we haven’t even thought of yet. As children are a blank slate, with solar education for children the opportunities are endless!

Knowledge is Power

Being educated on a topic is certainly a mighty influence on how confident your child will be in conversing with other children. If your child knows the material in school, they raise their hand, as opposed to the child that does not and slinks further down in their chair. Similarly, when your child might have a difference of opinion with their peers(as children often do), they will be armed with the ability to ask the right questions to get the answers they need to draw educated conclusions for themselves instead of blindly going with the popular opinion. Even if this single topic of how solar panels work, or why people are making the switch to solar is extremely niche, having that information stored away for a rainy day can never hurt them. If anything it will likely give them a boost in science class! Solar education for children empowers our youth to make the correct choices, and more importantly to know why those choices are the correct ones to make.

Actions Have Consequences

After a certain age, a child knows that if you drop a full cup of water on the floor, there is a high chance of making a mess. The chances of dropping a cup and having it land flat on its bottom edge and not spilling are microscopic. They reach a point in their cognitive development where they understand that actions have consequences. The choices all of us make today effect how things will go for us tomorrow. When educating a child about why people are making the move to clean energy, or why fossil fuels are harmful to the environment, depending on age it may be hard for them to really conceptualize the long-term effects. You could talk about how polar bears like the snow, for example, and how there is no snow in summer, because it is hot outside. That could lead into a conversation about the greenhouse effect, and again, tailored to an age appropriate level, you may want to discuss how animals are losing their habitats because of global warming and climate change. Children have a tendency to care for animals as they are naturally empathetic toward smaller things (as are we!) that need caring for. Explaining the positive cause and effect of switching to renewable energy by providing solar education for children will embolden our youth to want to take action toward a brighter tomorrow.

Nurturing Giving Hearts

As stated above, children have a natural urge to care for smaller things. You may notice that your child picks up bugs and befriends them, trying to bring them indoors. They may try to pet every furry animal that they can! As a species, we would like to believe that human beings have an instinct toward empathy not only for ourselves, but for other people, animals, and the environment. By providing solar education for children, you may find your young one wanting to start a charitable organization, or trying to take on leadership roles to help guide others toward making good choices. Ultimately as a result of fostering this we are creating good, contributing members of our community that will one day grow into caring, thinking adults. Adults that are able to make the right decisions will someday be the ones to make the decisions for us when we cannot. By protecting the future of our planet, and our children, we are inherently protecting ourselves.

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