Each company has a story, and this is ours!

Our Humble Beginnings

In June 2020 Juan Gallego started this company with a different mindset and approach to business. In the wake of a global pandemic, Juan decided to invest his values and soul into the industry he loved so much. With 20+ years of experience under his belt, this has set us apart in many key ways. With a combination of both the inherent passion for environmentalism that must accompany anyone working in renewable energy, and the industry connections and expertise that would be beneficial for all. What started out as a tiny vision is only getting bigger each day. We are now proudly able to do business in NJ, PA, and Delaware!


Put simply, ASG was founded with a key set of values that we remain true to. We move forward with a positive mindset in every aspect of what we do. From our consultations, to sales, installation and customer support – we set authenticity as the cornerstone of what we hope to achieve with every customer relationship. Even if you don’t choose to do business with us, we hope that each of the interactions we have with you and your family come across as genuine, honest, and informative. You aren’t just a part of our bottom line, we aim to build lasting client relationships to further strengthen and benefit our communities.


At ASG, we feel strongly about educating not only our clientele but also people in general regarding solar power. Maybe you have a solar system from another company, and you aren’t sure what to do next because they’re no longer in business. We strive to make educational resources available to you on our website and our YouTube channel. As we truly believe that renewable energy is the future, we would like to be a part of educating consumers across the board. It does not matter if you’re our customer or someone else’s – we want people to have the tools and resources they need to make the best decision for their families and communities.

Positive Work Culture

Happy employees will always shine brighter. We have maintained positive employee relationships since our inception and strive to continue in that. We have almost no employee turnover, because we foster and cherish the relationships we have built within the solar community. From the office billiard table to the desk and out into the field – we take care of the folks that form the backbone of ASG. Looking to join our team? Find out more here.

Building Relationships

Just as solar panels are a renewable and perpetual source of energy; we hope to build customer relationships that last a lifetime. Even if it’s dropping a message on our social media pages to check in, or being there for you to answer your questions – we are here. Our customer support is unmatched. We want you to always be able to reach us. You are not just a number that contributes to our bottom line. We are real people that are a part of your community. We aim to provide that level of support and care every step of the way.

Supporting our community + giving back

We support not only our local communities, but our national and global ones as well. We believe in lifting up those around us wherever possible, and giving back to the environment and nature in any way that we can. We make charitable donations as well as partnerships to support eco-friendly initiatives and community building efforts. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our “Giving Back” page or send us an email at care@advisorssolar.com to learn how you can be a part of making change that matters!

Looking toward a brighter tomorrow

We have big plans for ASG in the next coming months! We are hoping to set up many nationwide offices to expand our service areas, and partner with leaders of the industry in those areas to bring that authentic touch to our national community. We also aim to set up a feature (which is presently in the works now!) on our website to arrange internet-based consultations. This is going to allow our potential clients to connect with us on Zoom or Google Meet – thus allowing the experience of an in-person consultation without any of the schedule shuffling that can sometimes make appointments hard to manage. To us, this just makes sense. Many of us now work from home, we shop from home, we may as well conduct private business from home too! Check out our appointments page to see if this feature is available. If not, schedule a regular phone call – we’d love to hear from you!